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Dust Free Floor Sanding

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An Introduction March 23rd, 2020

Welcome to my blogs, these blogs attempt to give you information about the work I do and useful information on how you can keep your floor in good condition and how to sand and prepare floors yourself ...If you would like to ask questions please log into the website via the register tab and add a comment using the comment box. You can comment on individual blogs aswell if there is a question you wish to ask about a certain procedure or floor. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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Dust Free Floor Sanding

Blog Entry: 11 April, 2020

I have this conversation on a daily basis with clients re- dust free floor sanding and if it’s actually dust free. The answer is Yes the process of floor sanding is highly improved by the use of a dust extraction unit that is directly connected to the floor sanding equipment so the dust goes directly in to a paper dust bag within the dust extraction system and afterwards can be disposed of with within your paper environment collections or the dust can be re- used, to fill the gaps in the floor when mixed with resin. So the answer is yes - you can be environmentally sound, 100% dust free and save your self a lot of time not waiting 24 hours to finish your floor - waiting for the dust to settle. Plus there is your health to think about. Please contact Ben @ att floor sanding for more info.


Ben Raphael

Hi, my name is Ben and I have been sanding floors since 1998. I have sanded all types of floors from engineered pine to floorboards which are in excess of 300 years old. My work takes me all over the UK and France so I have experienced a lot of different types of floors and finishes. Floors can nearly always be brought back to life, so even if you think you floor is beyond help or repair get in touch with pictures of your floor via the online quote service and see what the options are for your floor.


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